SEEN: A Mental Health Exhibition by Tumblr x Made of Millions

In partnership with Tumblr, Made of Millions hosted a 3 day exhibition that brings the power of digital communities into the real world. Featuring photography of Rose by artist Yumna Al-Arashi, the premiere of their joint short film Mindstory, and AR-enabled work from a handful of Tumblr creators, the event explores what it means to feel seen in the context of mental health and asks attendees: in our digital world, how can tech, community based movements and storytelling help keep future generations from suffering in silence?

“My father passed away recently in June, and since then my anxiety and depression have been at an all time high. Depression and anxiety hits the hardest when it’s dark, late at night. Most of the time I hate falling asleep, or at least being alone with my thoughts. Mornings for me are better- they symbolize a fresh start and a new day. In the morning everything is ahead of you versus at night it’s catching up with you.”