I had the chance to partner with Playboy and The Trevor Project for The Listen Up Campaign for Pride 2019. I was tasked to design a pair of ears that reflect what Pride means to me. You can get your ears online here, which support The Trevor Project and their efforts to ban conversion therapy.

See the whole PRIDE IS GOOD Bunny ear collection here.

The comic artist and illustrator is no stranger to Playboy. Maxwell’s witty yet romantic stylings for the magazine include a dirty-talk-themed infographic, illustrations for The Playboy Symposium and an original erotic comic. “Being an openly lesbian artist, it meant so much to me to create a piece that reflects my life and experience,” the Paris-based Texas native says. “Growing up gay in a small town was tough. I flourished once I moved and finally got the chance to be who I am. Roses have always been a strong symbol for love and relationships in my life. They’re beautiful and tender, but at the same time, their thorns can cause pain. Love is something everyone can relate to, regardless of gender.” We couldn’t agree more.


Ashlee Marie Preston photographed by Ryan Pfluger

Joel Kim Booster photographed by Ryan Pfluger

Kyle Kriege photographed by Ryan Pfluger

Listen Up Ears_sketch 3.jpg
Listen Up Ears_sketch 4.jpg
Listen Up Ears_sketch 5.jpg