New York Times / CBS: The Twilight Zone 

Collaborated with The New York Times to make a series of animations for “The Twilight Zone”, explored through the eyes of both Millennials and Generation Z. To do this, they created a focus group of millennials to screen classic episodes of “The Twilight Zone” that relate to issues and themes from today. This piece showcases their reactions and thoughts on watching these classic episodes.

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The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street:

“That reveal at the end was where the idea of it really hit home for me. There are powerful figures controlling us — but in real life it’s not spacemen; it’s influential people at the top of the hierarchy who benefit from stoking our prejudices, turning us against each other.”

Eye of the Beholder:

“They have picked up these tactics from ‘The Twilight Zone,’ such as not showing the monster to make you more afraid of it. To me, it’s the foundation of this theatrical cinematic creepiness.”

Deaths-Head Revisited:

“Rod Serling created ‘The Twilight Zone’ so he could say controversial things through these high-concept sci-fi fantasy scenarios. So much of it is about good and evil, with a strong world view to that end. We're hungry for justice.”

To Serve Man:

“This is a little on the nose, but I was just thinking that [the aliens] are like a social media company: They're coming and saying, ‘We're just here to make the world a better place.’ And they connect everybody, make things better, but really they're consuming you in the process.”